July 24, 2024
The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1994)

The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1994)

Today’s post is dedicated to the soundtrack of an instant, classic movie: The Crow, with the late, great Brandon Lee. The album was released on March 29, 1994, and features bands such as The Cure, Stone Temple Pilots, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, the Rollins Band, Pantera, and more.

When I first saw the movie in the cinema, I noticed the fantastic soundtrack right away and recognized a bunch of the bands. Of course, I hoped that the soundtrack would be released and be available in Europe. That wasn’t obvious back in those days. Fortunately, it was released and became a daily-listen album in my CD collection.

Let’s go through those songs, which I can highly recommend for anyone that likes good rock music:

Track 1 is Burn by The Cure. One of the most rocking songs by Mr Smith and his bandmates. Gotta love the drive that comes with the song and the melancholy it projects. I call it the ‘The Crow song’, because I like to believe that I can hear the crow flying through the air in the song. Maybe even my favorite song on this soundtrack. Metallica – Beyond Magnetic (EP) (2011)

Track 3 is Big Empty by Stone Temple Pilots. A smooth grunge song, very typical of that era, and the ultimate Stone Temple Pilots song. One of their best compositions, IMHO.

Track 4 comes from the always innovative Trend Reznor and his Nine Inch NailsDead Souls is a Joy Division cover song, which projects exactly the mood of the movie: Revenge and melancholy.

Track 5, brings Darkness with Rage Against the Machine. A song not as matching as the others before, but a great track with a fitting message in the movie.

Tracks 8 and 9 bring more heavy tones with Helmet and Pantera respectively. Something that made my metal heart smile.

Track 13, Time Baby III by Medicine, is performed in the movie and when I finally found it on the CD, I couldn’t help but to listen to it in replay. I guess that was my first real love with an alternative rock song.

And the last song of the album could be one of the most iconic songs in Goth-movie history. Jane Siberry sings It Can’t Rain All The Time, which is in reference to a part in the movie, where Eric Draven, played by Brandon Lee, tries to give hope and comfort to Sarah with that sentence. Simply a wonderful ballad.

This The Crow movie soundtrack is a must-have in any rock collection. Not only because it recounts the movie, but because of its picturesque-melancholic mood, which every rock aficionado somehow loves. It’d be great to know your thoughts on this; just comment below or tweet me. And never forget, it can’t rain all the time.

Album grade:
Lyrics 5/10
Musicianship 7/10
Production 7/10
Concept 7/10
Total grade: 6.25/10



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