July 24, 2024
Black Sabbath - TV Crimes (CD-Single, 1992)

Black Sabbath – TV Crimes (1992)

The single of the song TV Crimes by Black Sabbath was released on 1 June 1992. It peaked at #33 in the UK Single Charts and came off the Dehumanizer album, released the same year.

According to Wikipedia, “The music video, directed by Nigel Dick, was shot in Los Angeles. It features the band performing on a television that has been stolen. According to Geezer Butler in an interview featured on Hangin’ with Heaven and Hell, the video was shot prior to the Los Angeles riots of 1992. Butler has also commented that the video has nothing at all to do with the lyrics of the song and “makes no sense”. (retrieved 26 April 2015)” Maybe I subconsciously try to make sense of what happens in the video, because I just love the song, but to me it video reflects a typical early-90s movie-making style that can be found in other rock videos of that era, like in Testament’s Electric Crown, and therefore, it’s completely legit. Sheryl Crow – Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Personally, TV Crimes is one of my all-time favourite Black Sabbath songs. Not only because of its line-up, including Tony Iommi on guitars, Geezer Butler on bass, the late, great Ronnie James Dio on vocals, and Vinny Appice on drums. The energy and authenticity it radiates can be felt throughout the whole song, as well as in the B-side tracks, which on the single edition I have here are two songs off the Dehumanizer album. Peoples TV 

It seems to me that the song TV Crimes never really hit the nerv of heavy metal fans in my immediate network, and I can’t imagine why. Also, I’m not sure if the song got played live a lot. Anyhow. Just wanted to let everyone out there know that this single exists – in different editions – and that I can recommend to look for it and to enrich your music collection by adding it.



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