July 24, 2024

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Welcome to AlbumsThatRock.com. I’m Sebastiano Mereu, and this is my opinionated personal music site, where I celebrate albums from different artists and genres that I think are worth listening to or talking about. These can be classic albums, recent releases, or brand-new music that just hit the shelves.

More Than Just Reviews:

This music blog also features articles and episodes where I dive into:

  • My favorite single releases
  • Music-related movies and documentaries
  • Books about musicians and artists
  • Interviews with artists (coming soon!)

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Do you have a favorite album, artist, or music topic you’re burning to share? I’m accepting guest posts on all music-related subjects. Let’s connect and amplify our love for music together!


  • How can I submit a guest post?

Provide clear instructions and email us on albumsthatrock40@gmail.com

  • What kind of topics are you looking for?

List a few examples: album reviews, artist profiles, music history deep dives, etc.

  • Are guest posts paid?

While I don’t currently offer payment for guest posts, you’ll gain exposure to a passionate music audience and the opportunity to share your expertise.

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Thanks for Rocking With Me!

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read and watch what I share. Remember, albums matter! – Sebastiano Mereu

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