July 24, 2024

SEVENTEEN Album FML: Look into Their Latest Mini-Album

SEVENTEEN Album FML is back with a bang! Their 10th mini-album, FML (released in April 2023), has sent shockwaves through the K-Pop world with its fiery concept, powerful music, and introspective lyrics. This blog post will delve deep into FML, unpacking the album’s themes, analyzing the tracks, and exploring the hidden meanings within SEVENTEEN’s latest masterpiece.

A Fiery Era of SEVENTEEN Album FML

NewGone are the bright, cheerful days of SEVENTEEN’s earlier albums. FML ushers in a new era for the group, marked by a darker, more mature concept. The concept photos, awash in dark colors and featuring the members in a flooded house, set the tone for a more intense and introspective album. This shift is further emphasized by the album’s title, FML, which is a bold statement that pushes boundaries and explores themes of frustration and disillusionment. Machine Head Studio Albums Ranked

Double Lead Singles: “F*ck My Life” and “Super”

FML boasts two powerful lead singles: “F*ck My Life” and “Super.” The former, a hard-hitting rap and hip-hop track, explodes with raw emotion. The lyrics grapple with feelings of frustration and societal pressures, resonating with listeners facing challenges in their own lives. “Super,” on the other hand, offers a glimmer of hope. It’s a dynamic pop-rock anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their inner strength and overcome adversity. The contrast between these two lead singles perfectly encapsulates the album’s core theme: acknowledging the struggles of life while finding the power to rise above them. De La Soul Albums

Deeper Look at Lyrics

Throughout the album, SEVENTEEN delves deeper into themes of self-discovery and facing personal demons. Tracks like “Don’t Wanna Cry” explore feelings of vulnerability and loneliness, while “Ash” uses metaphors to depict the process of letting go of negativity. Notably, the lyrics showcase a maturity in SEVENTEEN’s songwriting, reflecting the growth they’ve experienced as artists.

Critical Reception and Fan Reactions

FML has been met with critical acclaim, praised for its bold concept, powerful vocals, and innovative production. Fans have also showered the album with love, appreciating the group’s willingness to experiment with new sounds while staying true to their signature SEVENTEEN style. The album shattered numerous records, including pre-orders and first-day sales, solidifying SEVENTEEN’s position as one of the top K-Pop groups in the world.


SEVENTEEN Album FML is a game-changer. It’s an album that pushes boundaries, explores complex emotions, and showcases the group’s immense talent. FML is not just a collection of catchy songs; it’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Whether you’re a longtime Carat (SEVENTEEN’s fandom name) or a new listener, FML is an album that deserves a spot on your playlist.



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