July 24, 2024
American Satan (2017)

«American Satan» (2017): The Rock ‘N Roll Movie of the Millennial Generation

American Satan is an American movie, released in theatres on 13 October 2017. The movie revolves around a young fictitious heavy metal band called The Relentless that moves to Hollywood to find success, which they find after striking a deal with the devil. It is also the title of The Relentless’ debut album.

I especially like how the story of the movie develops. The movie doesn’t lose too much time and introduces the main characters and the story right away. It goes from American midwest, to recruiting a drummer in the UK, to moving to Hollywood and selling the soul to the devil in, basically, no time. And then, the story takes this viewer through ups and downs of the characters and plot twists that raise even more questions until the end of the 112 minutes running time.

The cast is excellent with Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria, among others, rocking great songs in the movie’s fictitious band The Relentless. «Let Him Burn» and «Me Against The Devil» are instant classics and the rest of the American Satan album encompasses another 8 great modern heavy metal tracks that have been playing on repeat in my player. If it were up to me, I’d suggest to form The Relentless in real-life. That’s how much I enjoy the American Satan album. But! It must be said that the voice you hear from Andy Biersack‘s character Johnny Faust is the voice of Palaye Royale singer Remington Leith, who’s band has the best song on the other American Satan soundtrack album that includes songs by Jonathan Davis, The Pretty Reckless, In This Moment, and Palaye Royale among others. Metallica – Hero Of The Day

Coming back to the movie: To me, it shows in some ways parallels to the legendary 2001 movie Rock Star with Mark WahlbergJennifer Aniston, and Timothy Olyphant among others: Young musicians aspiring and dreaming of a rock star life and being ready to put anything on the line to achieve success. However, American Satan addresses more contemporary teenager issues such as bullyism, whereas Rock Star focused on the macho-centric rock world. Also, American Satan is much darker because its reference to the devil.

In conclusion, American Satan is a greatly entertaining movie with phenomenal music, which I can highly recommend to anyone who likes good dramatic entertainment with a twist. Also, it is good to see that heavy metal is alive and well among youngsters, and I’m very happy that millennials got their own heavy metal movie, just like my generation got Rock Star.




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